Poster market

As soon as the plenary conference sessions by the academic and professional speakers have finished, the poster market will start in the foyer of the auditorium. This market will provide students, professionals and academics the opportunity to share their knowledge about People Analytics. Do you have a passion for People Analytics? Are you willing to share interesting insights or latest research outcomes on this topic? Then we invite you to apply for a spot on this market.

Since poster market presenters will contribute to the success of our conference, they won’t have to pay for a ticket and will thus receive free entrance.

Application procedure Professionals

A stand at the poster market is part of the gold sponsor package. This poster market is a great opportunity to introduce your People Analytics activities and practices. The poster market is not primarily intended for commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, we would like to refer you to the silver and bronze sponsor packages.

Application procedure Academics

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for the poster market anymore. The deadline for application has already passed.

We will contact the applicants to inform them on the procedure. If you have any questions concerning the poster market, please contact us by sending an email to