Dear Readers,

The last couple of weeks we haven’t been sitting on our hands! We made progress on several areas which we are really proud of and we are therefore more than willing to share these with you! The most recent development are on the area of Public Relations, such as new sponsorships, collaborations within Tilburg University and furthermore we also reached out to other universities and universities of Applied Sciences. For example, students from Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Rotterdam were informed about our conference! Through the help of student advisors, teachers and study associations we reached student throughout the whole of the Netherlands. However, we do not stay within the Dutch borders only, since the first tickets have been sold to people abroad as well! PAAC goes international! Let us explain the latest trends in more detail.


We are proud to announce that in the past few weeks ABN Amro, Ivy Works, HRM 101, Cubiks, and Alumni association Output were added to our partners. Before we already partnered up with Crunchr and Hogeschool Zuyd. We would like to thank our new partners for supporting us with this conference.


In this newsletter we will discuss two of our speakers. Firstly our chair of the day Tom Haak, He is the director of the HR Trend Institute, which he founded in 2014. The HR Trend Institute follows, detects and encourages trends in the people and organization domain and in related areas. Where possible, the institute also is a trend setter. Tom likes to write about HR trends and innovations. Before 2014, Tom gained extensive experience in HR management in multinational companies, such as ARCADIS, Aon, KPMG and Philips Electronics. Tom has a keen interest in innovative HR and how organizations can benefit from trend shifts.

Secondly, Mariëlle Sonnenberg, Mariëlle is responsible for the global HR Strategy & Analytics at Wolters Kluwer. She used to work as senior-manager at Accenture and assistant professor at Tilburg University and Tias Business School. She has been promoted in business administration and she regularly publishes about analytics, in scientific as well as practice-oriented journals.

Our next update will be in January, which is already the month that the conference will take place! We are excited to update you again on our progress in the beginning of January.