About People Analytics Academy Conference

In June 2017, eight ambitious students from Tilburg University started a new initiative called People Analytics Academy Conference (PAAC). They organized a People Analytics conference, where students, professionals and academics were connected to share their knowledge about this topic. The conference offered a diverse program, including a state-of-the-art academic keynote, practical perspectives from a global company, an interactive business case from a leading firm, and a poster market, all related to the topic of People Analytics.

This year, PAAC will be back with a second edition. Five students being the successors of last year’s board members are in charge of making upcoming event an even greater success. Suzan van Kruijsdijk (president), Anne Roefs (secretary), Kim van Ruler (treasurer), Soukayna Maqdache (vice-president) and Lian Beerens (PR) were visitors at the first edition and are all determined that this conference should be continued, preferably even bigger than before.


Taking a longer-term perspective, technology becomes more and more important. The amount of data increases and employees with the skillset to link data to business initiatives, without losing perspective of the human side of things (social and emotional aspects), are highly valuable. Therefore, PAAC wants to increase awareness on the importance of the added value that People Analytics has in every day corporate life. We aspire to make people, but also entities, more enthusiastic about what the future of People Analytics holds for us and to consider this side of analytics as inevitable. Moreover, the conference will be a platform for students, professionals and academics to connect with each other, and gain and share knowledge about People Analytics.